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Builder 3D Printer - EXTREME 1500 PRO

Angebots-Nr.: P15980
Kategorie: 3D-Drucker
Hersteller: Builder 3D Printer
Modell: EXTREME 1500 PRO
Baugröße: 110 x 50 x 82 cm
Filament: PET, PLA, PVA...
verfügbar: 1 Stück
Zustand: Demogerät
Standort: Kroatien
zzgl. MwSt.:
19.500,00 EUR


Professional 3D printer. The Builder Extreme 1500 PRO is a tall, narrow and very wide 3D printer which is perfect for architects, yacht builders and those in the automotive industry. Thanks to its slim shape, and wheels, the Extreme 1500 PRO can be easily moved between rooms. New for 2019, the PRO model comes with a 7” touchscreen display. This makes controlling prints from the printer simple. It lets you control nozzle temperature, print bed temperature and the light in the build chamber. You can even watch instruction videos on it, just in case you need a refresher about certain features. With its 1100 x 500 x 820 mm (XYZ) build volume and fully enclosed chamber, the Builder Extreme 1500 PRO offers the perfect environment for manufacturing long prototypes and models as one piece. Forget snap-fit models and gluing smaller parts together; print models in one go with killer accuracy and speed. The fully enclosed build chamber provides a stable environment for the extrusion and layering process, while a unique dual-feed extruder system allows you to print support and primary material at the same time. The dual-feed extruder system is a unique, proprietary setup that’s engineered to deliver maximum performance and uptime. It uses two extruders but one nozzle, with this setup offering the best possible output. Add to that a heated print bed (up to 60 degrees) and you can see why the Builder Extreme 1500 PRO is revered for its performance. You can print with PET, PLA, PVA support material, flexible filament and special filaments like woodFill and bronzeFill. These materials allow you to manufacture anything from packaging prototypes to front splitters for racing cars. Print speeds range from 10 - 80 mm/s so you can focus on detail, speed or find a balance of both. This 3D printer also comes as standard with an on-board camera, so you can remotely monitor prints in real-time, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Connect your Builder Extreme 1500 PRO to your network and send files to print in the next room. It’s all incredibly easy, making this the best large-format industrial 3D printer for making long parts.


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